I go to the gym two maybe three times a week. I recall a time I saw  a young man doing what looked like a painful vertebral disc exploding move.

He was doing what looked like a poor excuse of a Romanian deadlift. His friends were geering him on and I was praying to god for this young man to put the weight back down. He was struggling.  His back rounded and he was lifting a weight he could hardly move.  His eyes were about to pop out of it’s sockets.  The blood vessels in his neck were engorged.  He has the weight six inches off the ground and it was just sounding and getting messy.  Several possibilities here.  He may end up with vessels in his brain rupturing or his heart giving up or at best end up with a disc prolapse.  Picture below more or less is self explanatory and what a disc prolapse looks like.  You can see the poor posture exhibited by the lifter on the  left and the proper form to his right.


A romanian deadlift is quite a complex move.  It is one of the best exercise one can do.  It is good for building a strong core and overall body strength. Great excersise to improve bone density.  It is effective for both, men and women. In order to pull this move off in the safest way, one has to have proper form . The knees are slightly flexed, the back arched and slightly extended. The hands than grip the bar.  You feel the lift slightly. Your weight now falls on the heels. Look up very slightly. Now “Engage” the gluteall muscles and hamstrings, Quadriceps the erector spinae muscles and lift. All the muscles have to fire in a sequence.  Lift the weight gradually and bring it down safely and slowly.

Sorry I digrace. There was no trainer to keep an eye on things. This young man was struggling but he would not let the weight down. Too much to loose I guess. Pride comes to mind. The excercise was pointless. He was neither building strength nor was he building muscle. He was heading for the hospital  A and E.  I had one hand on my moible phone , just in case of an emergency, and the other hand on my business card!

Finally sense prevailed. He dropped the weight down. It fell with an all mighty thud. He fell to the ground. Luckily no injuries. He almost blacked out. Could not respond to me talking to him. His eyes were bloodshot red.

He was gazing. Vision possibly blurred and speech incoherent. This response is due to “vasovagal reflex”. The vagus nerve is one of 12 cranial nerves which becomes irritated. This accounts for someone who exerting hard during bowel movements and leads to syncopy.

I did what I learned in my first aid class several years ago. Did the ABC. Airways, Breathing, Circulation.  Laid him down and raised his lower body.  He was fine after a while. He went home . Head down and felt embarrased.

Little did he realize he got away with his life in tact.