Skiing is one of the most physically demanding sport. Especially if you are a beginner. An average day on the slopes can get you skiing for as long as six hours a day.

One of the best ways to get ‘ski fit’ is to cycle. The cycling stance and movement mimmicks skiing. Big strong quadriceps muscles working in harmony with the gluteal muscles to give

enough lower body strength. But skiing is not just lower body strength.  Pushing off with the ski poles will activate the pushing muscles namely Triceps,  Pectorals  and strong Deltoids.

These make up the muscles ot the shoulder girdle. The whole movement is initiated by  large abdominal  muscles. A chain reaction is set off. The whole musculo skeletal system starts to fire.

All muscles involved in  pushing and pulling gets the  body moving. If this was’nt enough remember you have the weight of the skis and boots to contend with. An average pair of skis weigh about 8 kgs and boots weght about 5 kgs.

This is my advice to potential skiers. Start slow and build up your fitness. There are three requirements

STRENGTH: Stick to the basics. Squats, situps and pressups

FLEXIBILITY: Total body stretch from calves to the neck and shoulders.

ENDURANCE: Cycling 20 minutes to 60 minutes three times a week.

All the above to be done three times per week.

Start this programme at least two months before you head for the slopes.

To enjoy skiing and reduce your chances of injury you have to be fit, strong and healthy.

Good Luck!