Osteopathy coming alive!


I remember many moons ago when I was a fresh graduate.One of my first patient was a nine year old girl.She came to see me accompanied by her mother.

Her main complaint was walking “knocked knees” and her mother remarked how her feet and knees were rolling inwards although there was no pain.She did gymnastics at school and her knees were  hindering her progress.She had seen an orthopaedic consultant who referred her for physiotherapy. The physiotherapist had prescribed her orthotics to improve the arches on her feet.

She tried this for six months but felt there was no difference and thought her knocked knees were getting worse. Her mother, as you can imagine, was concerned that her knees and falling arches in her feet were getting worse and asked me if I could help.

A thorough examination of the Hip, knees and foot revealed a lot of tightness in the hips and muscles of the pelvis. There was very little outward rotation of the hip joints.

The muscles related to the hip joints were tight and all this led to internal rotation of the hip joint. This in-turn caused the knees and feet to roll in.

We worked extensively to loosen the muscles involved in keeping the hip joints rotated inwards. She was prescribed a series of exercises to do at home and advised not wear the orthotics prescribed by her physiotherapist.

I saw her once every week initially and then once a month. There was gradual improvement in the way she walked. Her knees were now more aligned with her hips and within six months there was considerable improvement. Rotation of both her hip joints improved.There was less stress on the knees and arches of her feet. I see her now occasionally but for other complaints. Knocked knees have long gone!

I remember an old Osteopathic axiom “ STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTION”