I first came to see Dev two years ago with constant head aches. Upper vertebrae in the neck was leading to muscle tightness and irritating a nerve causing the headache. Acupuncture and osteopathy helped rid of my symptoms.I felt lively and full of energy. Now I see him twice a year and remain symptom free.
Over the years I have been to a number of chiropractors and osteopaths suffering with lower back spasms.Dev offers the best service i have experienced with his range of techniques that he uses to alleviate the symptoms.The sessions are never rushed always friendly and patient care is definitely more important to him than cramming in appointments.I would thoroughly recommend him.
Paul Stott
I was suffering from low back pain since 2007.Countless medication and GP referrals the pain did not subside.I was recommended to see Dev by a friend .He diagnosed a pelvic tilt caused by poor abdominal muscle and weak hamstring muscles from a previous injury.He not only corrected the tilt but also gave me a series of exercises to prevent the condition from returning. Dev's pleasant , easy going manner makes you comfortable to ask him anything.
Rashid Rasool
I have suffered from low back pain for the past 10 years.I have tried various therapies and sometimes I was bedridden for two weeks.I was recommended to Dev by a friend.Correct treatment and exercise programme cured me. I have been pain free now for the past two years. Thank you Dev.
Roy Pindoria
Kenton osteopaths have proved to me that there are some great osteopaths out there.I have had two periods of treatment there and the results have been fantastic,restoring normality to my life.From diagnosis to treatment to everyday-life instruction,you will find that everything that has been done on your behalf will work effectively towards your recovery.I only need to recommend one osteopaths clinic to my friends and colleagues.
Raj Jagatia – Director at PNL consulting
I would like to say a big thank you to Dev.I first came to see him complaining of severe low back pain and sciatica.Prior to this surgery was my only option.With the help of osteopathy and acupuncture I was back on my feet within a few weeks.I was prescribed a range of exercises to improve my core strength and haven't looked back since.
Nar Singdia
I am a keen weight trainer but kept on injuring my low back and hamstrings. This was brought on by faulty squatting technique.I was recommended to Dev by one of the members in the gym. He identified poor ankle flexibility to be the main cause of my symptoms.I was given a range of flexibility excercises. I feel a lot better now and pushing heavier than ever before.
I suffered from intense period pains ever since I can remember. Acupuncture and structural analysis of my low back and pelvis, together with a correct diet was of enormous benefit. I would recommend Dev to anyone.
Minaxi Jay